Good Thing I Love That Child…

Because this pattern… Ugh. I hesitated to name the pattern company because I rarely see people actually naming the pattern companies they have issues with. But they deserve my criticism and I paid for this pattern.

Anyway. It’s the Amelia Top by Violette Field Threads (not linking, sorry). I’ve never made a pattern of theirs that didn’t have an issue. The first time, the dress was fine but not the best construction. I changed it. The second time, there were some serious issues at the underarms (corner not squared and I was somehow supposed to bind it with bias tape). I swore I would never buy another one. But then, the girls fell in love with two patterns and I gave in. I hoped the drafting had improved. And I guess the drafting might be fine but the grading is complete crap. I took some screenshots that don’t give away any pattern pieces.

I mean, what the actual %&*# is that? That top picture is an upper bodice side. The angle isn’t the same for all sizes! I don’t have a corner to show on all sizes but you can see how the size 2 isn’t squared. The middle size, probably the one they drafted in, is fine. The further away you get from it, the worse it gets. And then there’s the bottom picture. That’s the top corner of the skirt section. And just… I’m speechless.

Could I fix this? Sure, I guess so. I follow 7 Pine Design and she gives good instructions to correct bad grading. But I don’t want to! I paid for this pattern because I wanted the work done for me. Otherwise, I would just have modified my basic Jalie T-shirt pattern.

Trying to move on…



I made the biggest size and skipped the ruffles because I’m not a ruffle person. I didn’t pay attention to the instructions apart from checking the seam and hem allowances. In fact, I paid so little attention that I didn’t notice I was supposed to line the bodice. I thought lining the bodice was a little ridiculous so I just serged the neckline, turned it under and stitched. Worked just fine.


The fabric is some sort of stretch velour in purple. Most likely polyester. Easy enough to handle and sew too. I’d bought it to make leggings for E and had tons left afterwards. V loved it and I’d promised myself I would make her something from it. This was the perfect project for it.


I might even make another top like this. Not buying another Violette Fields Threads pattern ever again though. I don’t even know if I’ll ever sew up that second one the girls made me buy…



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