Photo Monday – Prospect Park

Friday was a sunny and windy day. Bit of a chill in the air, relatively speaking. I went to Prospect Park right away after dropping V off at school. The fun thing with windy days is the movement in the leaves. I tried to catch it. Movement blur is different from focus blur. I don’t think I managed it in these pictures. Some of the ones I discarded had it better than these but I didn’t like the overall image.




The sad thing with wind at this time of year though is that the leaves fall off. Most of the beautifully colored trees are now bare so most of the trees that still have leaves are green. I guess it means I get to go back for more pictures!




I did find some gorgeous colors though so it wasn’t a total loss.




That, and I had a lovely long walk in the park. I’m always amazed with the amount of nature I can get so close to my home in the city. Sure, I’ll still hear sirens and airplanes and helicopters overhead but I also hear birds, so many birds! Sometimes, even a hawk! As much as I love living in the city, I also need that connection to nature, specifically forests and water, and Prospect Park delivers on both counts. It’s the closest thing to my ideal of living in the middle of a forrest in the middle of a big city…

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