Snow Day

It snowed Saturday afternoon and had melted by Sunday morning. Having finally learned that snow never sticks around here, I went out while it was snowing. Quite a few families sledding. There wasn’t even enough snow to completely cover the grass but they didn’t seem to mind. I guess you take what you can get.

I went through the woods, hoping to see something interesting but didn’t. So I went towards the dog beach.


No ducks, geese, or anything, really. Just those nervous little sparrows. I tried so hard to get good pictures but whenever I got myself in a good spot, some walkers would come by, chatting loudly, and scare them away. I like this blurry one though. Just, I don’t know. I like the image…


I left the park at Third St because it’s such a lovely area. There isn’t much to see at this time of year though.



It was snowing quite a bit at that point but it’s really hard to get it in a picture. I can see why people would want to use snow filters. The few pictures I got where the falling snow is actually visible look like a blizzard! I didn’t keep any of them but it did get me to thinking about filters. I might want to start using some. I’ve come to realize that I can rarely capture what I see because I don’t actually see what is. My eyesight is fine. It’s just that we see with our eyes and our brain. When I look at a landscape through through the trees, my brain kind of erases the trees and extrapolates the hidden parts of the landscape from the visible parts. You see what I mean?

The camera though, it just captures what is. And when you look at that image, your brain doesn’t erase the trees anymore. Another example is exposure, especially in high contrast situations. The camera only takes one exposure but my pupils change size depending on the light in each area. So the global picture my brain creates has different components at different exposures if that makes any sense.

And as much as I prefer less edited pictures, I also want to capture what my brain saw. Not necessarily what the camera sees. I’m thinking of editing my pictures so they feel more like what I remember. Still just thinking about it though… Thoughts?


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