Starry Night Cowl

I have a new toy for my camera: an extension tube. Basically, it shortens your focal distance so you can get closer to your subject. I had these grand plans to play with it this weekend. I thought I’d work with it on Friday since I knew the weekend would be busy but I ended up having to run errands instead. I did give it a try but it’s harder to manage than I thought it would be. This is the best picture I’ve taken with it so far (it’s paired with my 50mm lens).


At least it gives a decent close up of my yarn all knit up. The yarn is my own thick and thin handspun. I loved it so much that I wanted to pair it with a pattern that would let me use up as much of it as possible. I started out with the Breezy Morning Cowl. I did like it but it wasn’t wide enough. I frogged it completely while M watched in horror as my time and work disappeared. I cast on wider (50 stitches) and switched to a seed stitch pattern. I loved it then.

I made it longer than the pattern said too, used a different buttonhole, and placed it a little further down on the cowl. So basically, not even the same pattern anymore. I reinforced the buttonhole with some blanket stitch and sewed on a button. Washed, blocked, done!


This doesn’t show the whole length but does give a good idea of the way the colors shift (it’s missing the dark blue at one end, and the darker yellow at the other end).



(Cat photobomb!)

Just now, looking at the pattern, I realized they placed the button further down on the cowl so that it closes at an angle. I might change my buttons spot to do the same. Or not. I may also be lazy…




Pictures were all taken with the 50mm lens without the extension tube after that one picture. I would have taken more but was tired. It almost looks like a shawl on V but it really is just a squishy cowl. I tried it on M but it didn’t quite work like I wanted. I put it on and it was exactly right but I was too tired to deal with M taking pictures of me. So you get V being her cute self.


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