Being stuck inside on grey, rainy days doesn’t make for the best pictures. Especially when subjects are scarce on the ground. I tried to get pictures of my kids. E was just sitting there listening to music on her phone with her big old headphones. The pictures were not good. V was slouched down in an armchair, reading her book. She looked super cute in the pictures but even with the ISO bumped up and the lens wide open, it still went a little blurry. She was so cute that I kept a couple anyway…



She broke her glasses a while ago. We fixed them but they remained wobbly. Two weeks ago, they broke again. I ordered new ones. I’d been putting it off because she’s due for an eye exam. Since that won’t be happening for a while, I got her new ones. The exact same thing that she had. They arrived Saturday and she put them on right away. I guess a week of doing her schoolwork on the computer taught her how much she actually needs those glasses.

From the kids, I moved to the window. There are a couple trees that grow close to the building. I like looking at the raindrops hanging onto the branches. Again, good pictures are hard to get because I have to do it through the window. The part that opens has a screen…


Then, I went to the bedroom. The cat would not cooperate. She just gave me the stink eye. No kitty. Finally got a picture I like of the pottery we bought in Cape Breton when E was a baby.


And I heard the birds. The backyard trees are further from the window so I can never get good pictures of the robins, doves, and sparrows that hang out there (also cardinals and blue jays). But the noise was loud. We have an air conditioner in one of the windows in the room and there’s this sort of cage around it. The sparrows like to hang out there. Getting a picture is really difficult because they’re so close to the window but I tried.



It’s giving me the same stink eye as the cat did…

And that was the best I could get yesterday. Not great but I made the effort and sometimes, that’s all we can ask, right?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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