New Toy!

I live in a densely populated area. As such, I just can’t justify to myself going out to walk and take pictures. Even with keeping my distance from anyone I might encounter, even wearing a mask, even going as early as I can muster and to less popular areas. I just can’t justify going out if it isn’t to get necessities. As it is, if I need fresh air, I can go to the rooftop. We have a comfortable set up up there. And if I need exercise, we have enough space.

So I stay home and look for photo opportunities around me. And there are things I’d like to photograph but can’t do very well. Like, the trees in front of the building. To get close enough to the leaves, I need to be inside and then I’m stuck taking pictures through the window. If I go to the roof, I can’t get close enough. And then there are the birds. They prefer the backyard trees to the street side trees. But the backyard trees are further from the building.

I did some quick research online and found a not too expensive telephoto zoom. Consulted the husband and ordered it. It only goes to 300mm which isn’t super close but that’s what I get for not wanting to spend 1000$ and more on lenses. It arrived much faster than I expected so I got to play with it last week.

I had to start with a picture of the city.


That’s at 300mm. It’s so much closer than the 100mm from two weeks ago!


(That’s the picture from two weeks ago.)

And then, here’s the tree from last week, the ones I took from inside, through the window.



And if I recall correctly, the top one is cropped.

And now, this week, at 300mm, but on the roof. I’m a little further away. Neither picture is cropped.



There was only one bird, a robin, when I went out but I did get a decent shot. I did crop it. But before, I would have had to crop it so much that the quality would have become unacceptable. One situation where a stronger zoom would have been nice.


I also got shots of trees in neighbors’ backyards. And that makes me sound so creepy. Rest assured that I am not looking at the people (who weren’t there anyway). For one, I’m not interested in creeping on them. For another, my zoom isn’t powerful enough for that.


And the other tree in front of the building.


I can’t wait to be able to take this new lens out for a walk. It goes from 75mm to 300mm so I think it’ll be a good choice for rambling around Prospect Park… It might be my first stop when it’s safe and responsible to go out again.

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