Just Some Easy Sewing

I have such a huge backlog of unblogged projects. Getting pictures that make me happy to share has been a challenge for months now. So, while 3 tops I made myself wait for me to not hate pictures of myself, here are my two latest makes for the girls.

These are made from the fabric I used for my V-neck top. When the girls touched it, they both wanted a top out of it too. It’s so soft! I’d actually wanted to make myself a second something but I can never (ok, rarely) refuse them. And I had enough for two tops.

For E, I went with Jalie 2805. She said she wanted a sweater but this isn’t really a sweater knit. I did 3/4 sleeves and the overlapped V-neck, size O for some growing space. The neck band is just black cotton spandex jersey. I have a huge cut of the stuff leftover from when I used to make gobs and gobs of leggings for the girls. E chose the watermelon buttons from my stash.


I may have put the top button up a little too high because the top seems to tug a little there. Though I also told E to pull her top down a little but she refused to comply so I can’t tell if it’s because it’s bunching up or pulling.


It remains to be seen whether she’ll actually wear the top. Lately, her mood has been this…


So I can’t really tell what she thinks about her top…

I do suspect she likes V’s top better though. I made her the Jalie Mimosa with the tie sleeves.


Size N instead of O because the fit is more generous (yes, the girls are the same, uh, width but E is taller; for the record, E is a perfect fit in Gap Kids slim sizes and V is a perfect fit in Gap Kids regular sizes). V was quite happy with her top (as you can see).



Also, when did she get so long? I feel like I’m seeing teenager V, right now…


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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4 comments on “Just Some Easy Sewing
  1. Rebecca says:

    These are both so cute. I’ll have to try get that second pattern for my daughter. Love the sleeve ties!


    • Thank you! I love the Mimosa top. I made one for myself too and I suspect I need to make a second kid sized one. Being on the longer side, it works really well with leggings.


  2. I love E’s top. The sleeves are super cute.


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