Beach Creatures

We went to the beach 10 days ago. The girls hadn’t yet received the new swimsuits I’d ordered so V had to wear an old gymnastics leotard. Eh, it worked. But that exact day, after we got home, the suits showed up. So the girls (and their dad) really wanted to go back to the beach two days later. I didn’t think it was a good idea, especially since E had had some sort of reaction to something. Possibly the sunscreen she used on her face (it’s a brand I’ve always had success with but maybe this formulation didn’t work for her; she was the only one in the family to use it). But I’d seen some new to me birds and I wanted pictures so I shut up.

So my kids are my first beach creatures.



Seen here before they burned. Because we were lazy about reapplying sunscreen and were in the water a lot. And E’s face got worse. It was all puffed up. We ended up giving her some of her allergy medicine and it worked wonders. She’s all better now and we’re going to try that sunscreen on her arm to see if there’s a reaction. And we might try the other sunscreens we have on her jawline or something. Her body didn’t react to what was applied so it’ll hopefully work on her face. Because no sunscreen = no beach. We also no try to extend our beach days to 1PM anymore. Leaving at 11AM is perfect.

Back to my beach creatures. Skittish crab. I could not get as close as I wanted. In the sand, I was fairly noiseless but I suspect it could sense the vibrations from my steps and would run away when I approached.



This isn’t the bird that had caught my eye. This is.


I looked the birds up. “Bird with long orange beak”, I typed. American oystercatcher came up and it was exactly right. They are so funny. Almost completely unbothered by the human presence at the beach. Giving great derp face at times…



Also a lot of noise. And walking around in pairs. I swear, seeing them walk around like that, squawking loudly, they looked like an old married couple, arguing about the same things over and over.



Love them. I suppose we’ll be going to the beach again soon. I hope to see them again. And to leave before the Sun gets mean. (I don’t like baking in the Sun anyway.)


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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4 comments on “Beach Creatures
  1. Lelievre Herve says:

    merci pour ces belles photos… les filles sont magnifiques!!! des grandes maintenant. J'ai beaucoup aimé cet oiseau au bec orange, je n'en ai jamais vu. C'est superbe de pouvoir admirer tout çà. Joëlle.WordPress.comenvoyé : 13 juillet 2020 à 14:03de : Deux souriceaux <>à : herve_lelievre@orange.frobjet : [New post] Beach Creatures deuxsouriceaux posted: "We went to the beach 10 days ago. The girls hadn't yet received the new swimsuits I'd ordered so V had to wear an old gymnastics leotard. Eh, it worked. But that exact day, after we got home, the suits showed up. So the girls (and their dad) really wanted"


    • C’est un huîtrier d’Amérique. Ils sont vraiment très drôles! Ils font beaucoup de bruit en se promenant deux par deux. Je reste toujours étonnée de la proximité de la nature ici. On est dans une ville de plus de 8 millions d’habitants, on fait 30 minutes de voiture et on se retrouve dans une réserve faunique. Et même si je vais simplement dans le parc à côté de chez moi, il y a des tas d’oiseaux à admirer. J’essaie encore d’avoir une photo des buses à queue rousse qui habitent dans la région…


  2. We love the beach. Great photos!


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