Montauk Early Morning

When we were in Montauk a couple weeks ago, our bedroom faced east. We slept with the windows open and shades up to let in as much of the ocean breeze as possible. Much more comfortable than air conditioning. But the result? I was awake before 5AM most mornings. Don’t get me wrong, sunrise is my favorite time of day. The light is beautiful, everything is quiet, and it’s the best time to see birds and animals. It’s just that, before 5AM? Really? That’s a little excessive… And it means that I need a nap before lunch even comes around…

I did get to see this beautiful red band of light on the horizon. And my camera refused to turn on. The day I’d decided to go for a walk at 5AM, my camera would just not turn on. It took me 30 minutes of fiddling to get it to turn on and by then, the red light was gone. I was so disappointed that I almost skipped going down to the beach. I didn’t but for some unknown reason, I turned the camera off. When I got to the beach, it wouldn’t turn on! Again! It eventually did turn on. So these pictures are from much later in the morning than I wanted. Around 6AM I would say.



The light wasn’t nearly as dramatic but there were some pretty pastels and golden light. One lone dedicated surfer… (The surfers generally came out around 7AM. About a dozen of them, probably more.)



I headed back when I realized the pretty colors had all gone. It wasn’t even 7AM yet! (And my family was still sleeping.)



My camera continued with its refusal to turn on later in the day. I wanted M to take pictures of my dress that evening but the camera refused (we ended up using my phone and the GoPro). The next morning, I woke up even earlier. It was our last day and I was hoping to get that red band of light again. I was up at 4:15AM or something like that. The camera again refused to turn on until the band of light was gone but it was a little earlier so I did manage to get some of that dramatic sky from the window…



Since we’ve been back in Brooklyn, my camera has turned on right away each time I’ve tried…

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