We went for a family bike ride yesterday morning so I skipped the walk. Something had to give. I’ve been making the girls do barre workouts with me twice a week to get them moving more. And I need to sit down with V to get some school work done. It isn’t even homework! She just didn’t complete an art assignment from her remote days. A drawing. I have to sit down with her and do the assignment at the same time or she just won’t do it. So yeah. I had to remove one activity from my day. I went to the rooftop for pictures instead of the park. M had told me that the succulent was in bloom and I love those tiny pink flowers.


The neighbors still have some plants on our roof and I went to check them out. Apart from the succulents, they’re looking pitiful.


I’ve noticed the two trees out front starting to change colors so I went to the edge of the roof to take pictures. It freaks M out to see me there but I don’t even walk close to the edge. I lie down on my belly. And it’s not like I’ll slip down. The front of the building is higher than the back but the roof is mostly flat, except at the front where it slopes upward to the edge. So my head is higher than my feet when I’m lying there…



I was about to go back inside when I noticed the birds. Pretty sure I saw a blue jay but it flew off. There was so much noise, I was sure I’d see another one but nope. The tree behind the house has lost some leaves so I could actually see the birds in it. Two mourning doves in the branches, the blue jay that flew away, a grey one, and a yellow one!



(I was very excited about the yellow one. My first time seeing it! I think it might be an oriole of some sort. I have no clue what the white and grey one is.)

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