Two Shawl Things

So I know I’ve mentioned my huge pile of unblogged projects. I’m trying to get through them again. I wouldn’t usually share them on Monday because I reserve that day for pictures I’ve taken myself. Not the ones my husband takes of me when I want to share something. This time though, I actually took all the pictures and I kind of like the self portraits. It’s been a long time since someone has taken a picture of me that I actually like. Hopefully, these will give me the boost I need to get pictures of everything else.

Both items are patterns by Casapinka. I was supposed to make her Perfect Blend pattern for Rhinebeck this year. I finished it juuuuust in time (even though the festival itself didn’t happen). I used one of the Miss Bags 12 mini hank sets. I can’t remember the name of the set but it’s all grey shades. I had planned on doing a gradient but I couldn’t get the colors to play nicely in value order. Instead, I ordered the colors by value and alternated light and dark. So if 1 is the lightest and 12 is the darkest, I did 1-7-2-8-3-9… It’s super stripey with lots of different textures.


It’s long and hard to show off in modeled pictures so I have these very awkward ones taken on the bed to try to get the whole thing.


And then, here it is worn. I realized that the high contrast image isn’t the best to see the whole thing but I like it. I used to have a reflector that would have helped with that but a cat peed on it and we threw it out. Besides, there’s that fabulous bedroom picture to see the whole thing…


It wears more as a scarf than a shawl on me. Maybe I should have used a larger needle. I never swatch for shawls and scarves. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. It works well as a scarf and the greys mean that if I ever get or make myself a colorful coat, it’ll go with it.

I almost didn’t get this done in time for Rhinebeck because I was busy with another one. This was a cat themed mystery knit along by Casapinka and I just had to do it. The pattern is The Sharon Show by the same designer. Again, it was several different stitch pattern and color stripes. I used Emma’s Yarn Super Silky in 4 colors: Beach Please, Whisper, Riptide, and Trendy AF. It is so soft! A pleasure to knit with and wear.


I said it was cat themed but it’s not obvious. It’s meant to have been created by the designer’s cat, Sharon From Security. Lots of inside jokes in the pattern but the end product looks normal. Those dots and bars in the third picture are actually morse code. Again, it’s super long but much wider as well so that I get more of a wrap. I couldn’t fill the whole length on the bed in a way that wouldn’t be completely awful. At least, I moved away from the window a bit for these pictures so there’s less contrast and the wrap is more visible.


I will try to get more things photographed fast. Oh, and I apologize for any words that may be wrong. Somehow, autocorrect got turned on and it does stupid stuff. I tried to turn it off but my computer preferences say it’s off. I need to take some more time to figure out what happened. The child I’m currently sharing the computer with probably had something to do with it even though she will never admit it…

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