Spring in the Park

Why is it that squirrels keep stealing the bulbs we planted on the roof when there are plenty in Prospect Park? We’re going to have to do something to protect them. Though one squirrel apparently stashed a different bulb in one of our planters. M says it’s a tulip…


But hey, I did see and hear a bunch of birds when I went for my walk last Monday. The usual ducks and geese, of course. In pairs!


And blue jays! I’m not usually able to get their picture. They’ve been one of my favorite birds since childhood. Because they’re blue. Don’t ask, kid logic.


And more birds but no hawks.


There was this guy hanging around when I took this picture of the birds in the tree (there was also a cluster of 5 birds so I was there for a bit). He would maybe have been in the pictures if I hadn’t been pointing my camera way up into the tree. Like, very obviously way up. Anyway, the guy comes up to me as I’m walking away and starts asking me a million questions about my picture taking. Why am I not taking pictures of the monuments at Grand Army? Where am I going from here so that he won’t be in my way? Do I ever take pictures of people? Is this my job? I was trying to be polite and answer his questions so I could be on my way. Finally come to realize dude just doesn’t want me taking his picture. Could have just asked me not to take his picture. I soooo wanted to tell him he wasn’t interesting enough for me to want to photograph him but I just assured him he was safe from my camera and he let me go. Creep. Hoping I never see him again.


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