New York Botanical Garden

It’s been nearly a month since the last time I took pictures. I just haven’t had the mental energy even though the Spring months usually have me snapping pics constantly. I’m just exhausted. I was forcing myself to do the pictures anyway and then I couldn’t even do that. So now, I’m trying to find new things in order to muster some enthusiasm.

Saturday, we went to the New York Botanical Garden. That’s the one right next to the Bronx Zoo. The one close to us is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. There’s an exhibit at the NYBG featuring Yahoo Kusama’s work. We weren’t fast enough to snag tickets to the indoor parts so we only saw the outdoor pieces.


Since we couldn’t see all the art, we spent a little more time exploring the garden. It’s really big though and it was hot out so we didn’t explore nearly as much as I would have liked (that and I had this weird pain on the top of my feet).


Those white flowers look like they’re on the ground but it’s actually a tree. It reminded me of one of those tiered serving stands. It was like the tree was presenting its flowers on trays at different levels. This picture is from one of the middle branches. It made E and I smile (but not V because she was in a mood).

I enjoyed the outing despite the heat, V’s mood, and the foot pain. Kinda wish we could have explored a little more. There was this building, the Stone Mill, right by the Bronx River. If I’d been feeling better, I would have wanted to go check it out. Maybe I can convince my family to go back in the Fall?

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One comment on “New York Botanical Garden
  1. shoes15 says:

    Thanks for these pictures! We’re going to see the garden next week.


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