Valladolid Mexico

I usually mix up my travel pictures a little more but with over 1000 to sort through, I just don’t have it in me to do anything beyond by chronological order.

E has been wanting to go to Peru for a long time. She wants to see Macchu Picchu. The only problem is that M and I went there in 2003 and we would rather see something new to us. It was my turn to pick this year and I wanted to find some other ancient civilization that E would like to learn about. And that’s how we ended up visiting the Yucatan peninsula. I noticed two things fairly quickly. The people are so friendly and welcoming and the drivers are relaxed. Some people exceed the speed limit and some don’t. The fast ones just wait for a safe time to pass, no honking, no aggressive behavior. And all the respect and consideration for bikes. I was seriously impressed.

So our first stop was Valladolid. They’re only an hour or two away from the resorts on the coast so we saw buses arrive daily. We only stayed three nights and we could have stayed one more. There’s a Mayan village I would have liked to see that we missed out on.


The town center is your classic square park surrounded by a church and other buildings. It’s a small area so it doesn’t take long to visit. There’s a small chocolate museum nearby that we saw as we waited for our appointment to visit Casa de los Venados. It’s a private house (hence the appointment) that’s filled with Mexican folk art. I thought V would enjoy it (she loves seeing how people live/lived). The last few rooms we saw felt a little cluttered for me but the guest rooms, outside areas, and entrance were a lot of fun.


We used Valladolid as a base to visit Ria Lagartos and I could probably have included those pictures here but there are soooo many to sort through. It’s what happens when you take pictures of wildlife. Hundreds of shots for 3 pictures… Maybe I can get all my wildlife pictures together for next week. Maybe.

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