For our final stop in Mexico, we went to a resort. Just some relaxation before heading home. We picked the Andaz hotel in Mayakoba. It’s kind of like a gated community. There are a few resorts that share the space and amenities. I love getting to stop thinking about logistics (like getting gas, getting to our next hotel, figuring out where we’re going to eat, etc.) but I feel a little bit uncomfortable in these types of places. Disconnected from the country and people. When we first arrived, we were in a pretty touristy place (Valladolid and then Chichen Itza). Lots of souvenir shops, and buses coming from the resorts. But then, the further we went, the fewer tourists there were and we got to interact with people in a more authentic way. Our last meal outside the resort was at this little spot in a random town in Quintana Roo. It was delicious but we were very obviously out of place. Our server (maybe the owner?) was all smiles and wanted a picture of us. Then we arrive at the resort and we’re pretty much the only customers who’ve actually visited the peninsula. When we have a chance to chat with employees (like when we took a cooking class), you can see their whole faces brighten when they realize that you’ve seen a bit of their country. All of a sudden, we’re not just customers. We’re people who are interested in their country, their culture and the conversation becomes that much more open.

All that being said, I did enjoy my time at the Andaz. The space is gorgeous with a lot of forested and protected areas. There’s this nature walk and I went just after sunrise, hoping it would be cooler and I wouldn’t sweat as much (that didn’t work). I did get to take pictures of some of the animals I missed out on when my battery died in Calakmul so that was worth the sweat.

There’s a spiderweb there but I couldn’t get my camera to focus on it.

At dinner one night, we talked about how V wants to see the sunset everywhere in the world. I mentioned how the sunrise would be over the sea and both girls asked me to wake them up in time for it.


And finally, we did some snorkeling and I put my GoPro to use. I haven’t quite figured out editing for underwater photography though.

GPTempDownload 85
GPTempDownload 64
GPTempDownload 34
GPTempDownload 31
GPTempDownload 28
GPTempDownload 27

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