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Goodbye Balloons

Notice anything? I’ve decided to switch up how the blog looks.  Ideally, I would splurge on the custom design upgrade and hire someone to design everything but I don’t feel ready for that.  So I’m figuring it out myself.  I’ve

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Sick Days

The two souricettes are sick.  Souricette 2 has unmentionably disgusting stuff in her diaper and has been throwing up after dinner.  Only after dinner.  She’s otherwise happy and eating but I’m constantly worried her diaper will leak all over the

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Still No Tutorial…

Man, those tutorials are work.  I did get to do the photo shoot but I need to do another one.  I stupidly focused on the girls rather than the skirt.  Well what?  They’re much more interesting!  I need to get

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The Week of Exhaustion

I’m not really feeling better actually.  The aches are gone and for a while, I thought I was going to be all better by the weekend.  Not so much.  The past two days have seen me more congested than before

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