Bourley Cowl

This was the fourth and last project from the 2017 Ysolda club. The first one was this shawl and the second one was this hat and mitts set. The third is missing only because I haven’t taken any pictures of

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Photo Monday – New Toy

I get some photography gift nearly every year, don’t I? This year, I really wanted a ring flash for macro photography. I asked for a non Canon one that had good reviews. It was something like 1/5 of the price

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In my family, we don’t try to figure out what someone might like for Christmas or their birthday. We just straight up ask for wish lists. So I asked my sister what she wanted. She said she wanted me to

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Photo Monday – Cold

Someone told me it wasn’t that cold out so I skipped the snow pants when I went out to Prospect Park to catch the last of the day’s light. Mistake #1. Someone (the same someone) told me it wasn’t windy

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Dolly Dress

I usually try to put the same things in both girls’ Christmas stockings. That way, there’s no fighting. But this year, V wanted one of those crystal growing kits and E didn’t. E got a pin loom instead but it

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Photo Monday – Icy

Each time I visit my parents, I bring my camera. I’ll go to different spots depending on my mood. This time, it was cold. -20 degrees Celsius cold. (That’s roughly -5 Fahrenheit.) I wasn’t going to go far and I

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Not Double Digits Already!

Today, I have a 10 year old. It feels surreal. She’s the same as yesterday, just with a little extra zip in her step because it’s her birthday. But she’s 10. Starting middle school next year and giving me attitude

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